Top 5 on the Go: Tuesday October 20

It's the evening of Tuesday, October 20 and these are the top stories you need to know right now on

1. Ryan to seek speakership if unity candidate of House GOP
Rep. Paul Ryan told House Republicans tonight that he will run for House speaker if the factions of his divided party can share his vision and if he gets the endorsement of the major caucuses.

2. El Faro reported 'hull breach' before sinking in hurricane
Investigators revealed today that the captain of the El Faro cargo ship, which sank during a hurricane earlier this month, reported "a hull breach" and was taking on water.

3. US ends probe of Wal-Mart on 'Made in USA' logo
A probe into Wal-Mart's controversial "Made in USA" logos came to a close today after the retail giant made some changes to products that weren't actually made in the U.S.

4. Russia, US sign deal to minimize risks in Syrian skies
Russia and the United States came together to sign a deal aimed at helping prevent air collisions during their separate operations in Syria.

5. Former Senator Webb ends 2016 Democratic presidential bid
Former U.S. Senator Jim Webb announced he's dropping his long-shot bid for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, and is instead looking at the option of running as an independent.

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