Top 3 ways to take your Halloween celebration over the top

Top 3 Ways to Take Your Halloween Celebration Over the Top
Top 3 Ways to Take Your Halloween Celebration Over the Top

The spookiest night of the year is almost upon us. There's exactly two weeks left until Halloween, and we thought why not make this year's Oct. 31 the most extreme one yet? So we put our skulls together and came up with a few ways to really take this holiday over the top.

First up, it's not Halloween without a costume. But instead of going for the oh-so-popular sexy fairy tale character or Darth Vader costumes, you could really take your outfit to the next level by forking over quite a bit of money.

What about this "Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Costume"? It's only about $2,000 on Amazon. Or this Stormtrooper costume available for $1,599.99 on eBay?

If you want to get really creative, you could make your own costume. Like one New York Comic Con-goer, who built an Iron Man Hulkbuster costume to wear to the event. According to Tech Insider, it was 9-and-a-half feet tall.

Click through to see the best Halloween costumes for women:

Next, while carving pumpkins is a quintessential Halloween tradition, leave the average-sized ones you can find at the pumpkin patch to everyone else. And instead, try carving a jack-o'-lantern face into one of these bad boys — this pumpkin is now the largest one ever grown in Oregon at three pounds less than a ton. Or this one in California weighing 1,969 pounds. And it's white. So it's fancy.

Finally, you could really spook yourself and spend Halloween night sleeping in the Paris Catacombs. A listing on Airbnb is offering one lucky person — and a guest — the opportunity to sleep in "the world's largest grave."

According to BBC, the Catacombs are located nearly 66 feet below street level and are lined with the "remains of more than six million people."

Only a small portion of the tunnels are open to the general public, but the winners of the listing will get a private tour, a "dazzling culinary experience" and a private concert, all while becoming "the only living person ever to wake up in the Paris Catacombs."

To be considered, Airbnb is requiring people to write a 100-word essay about why they should get this once-in-a-lifetime chance to basically sleep with the dead.

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