This controversial dessert has quite a disgusting reaction when you eat it


This highly confusing dessert is making the headlines from Hong Kong to the rest of the world for its peculiar behavior. The -at first- adorable looking creature seems harmless until you squeeze its belly and the unexpected happens. The chocolate filling starts dripping out of the dessert, reminding the unsuspecting eater of a pretty unpleasant bodily function.

The dessert is served by a cafe in Hong Kong, which is themed after a character by Sanrio, a Japanese company that creates franchises around the concept of "cute." This character is called Gudetama and is nothing more than an egg known for its incredible laziness.

Here is a video showing the dessert in action:

And if that wasn't weird enough, here are some more inexplicable deserts:

Weird Cupcake Flavor Trend: Disgusting or Delicious?
Weird Cupcake Flavor Trend: Disgusting or Delicious?

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