New Facebook feature lets you load articles much faster

Facebook Debuts 'Instant Articles'
Facebook Debuts 'Instant Articles'

Earlier this year, Facebook started testing its Instant Article Feature that lets certain publishers distribute stories that load much faster than regular articles on the social media platform. Now the feature is finally available to everyone and the Internet is a better place.

Facebook announced that it started rolling the feature to all iOS users, which are now able to read full articles from the selected publishers without leaving the app. What seems like a minor feature is actually going to let you open the content way faster than it normally takes to open it in Safari, which takes you away from Facebook and increases the waiting time. The feature is beneficial for the publishers that will see a growth in content consumption and for Facebook, that can retain its users without risking to have them browse their way out of the app.

Each Instant Article lets you interact differently with it letting the user have a different and deeper experience when exploring the content. The company plans to let Android users access such articles later this year and have more publishers join the feature.

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