J.K. Rowling's terrifying new book has finally arrived

J.K. Rowling Announces New Book
J.K. Rowling Announces New Book

While it's almost unheard of for a book to top Amazon's bestsellers list for 24-consecutive days before it's even released, it's no surprise that renowned "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling has accomplished the feat with her new book, "Career of Evil."

The book, which was releases today, October 20, isn't exactly one of the children's books we're used to seeing Rowling's name adorn. Written under pseudonym Robert Galbraith, this latest novel is actually a crime book featuring what is perhaps Rowling's most gruesome plot yet. Rowling herself even admitted that researching for the novel gave her "nightmares."

While Rowling is no stranger to spooky, threatening characters and plot twists, she said that losing sleep from fear of a storyline is certainly a first in her writing career. The novel is the third in Rowling's latest crime series, which she secretly began writing after finishing up the "Harry Potter" series.

"Career of Evil" is said to take the crime scenes a step further than we've been exposed to so far with serial murders, paedophilia, characters so disturbed that they wish to amputate their healthy limbs and acrotomophilia (sexual attraction to amputees).

The perspective of the novel will switch of from that of a killer to other protagonists interwoven within various storylines. Rowling admitted that despite the extensive plotting she undertook for "Harry Potter," "Career of Evil" involved more planning than anything else she's written.Rowling fans better flock to book stores before the highly anticipated book sells out!

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