Emojis are everywhere but this is where they all come from

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Emojis Explained
Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Emojis Explained

Emojis are used and, sometimes, over used everywhere, from text messages and status updates, to Snapchats and clothing, but where do they come from? Who decides what they should look like and which ones we should be able to use?

The same obscure organization that decides what punctuation marks and other text should look like on a computer has also been the mastermind behind all the emojis that have become available in the past few years. The Unicode Consortium is a group that decides the standards of data and particularly text across devices so that they all appear the same. According to The New York Times, the team is composed of executives from major companies like Google, Apple and Facebook and it meets quarterly to decide the future of standardization, as well as what new characters and emojis should be included in the Unicode system.

But are Emojis a language? Many people use them to communicate, but according to Unicode Consortium president Mark Davis, this is a complete lie:

I can tell you, using language, I need to go get a haircut, but only if I can get there by 3 p.m., and otherwise I have to pick up the kids. You try to express that in emoji and you get a series of symbols that people could interpret in a thousand different ways.

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