Asteroid to whiz past Earth on Halloween

Recently Discovered Asteroid To Fly Past Earth On Halloween
Recently Discovered Asteroid To Fly Past Earth On Halloween

Talk about a spooky Halloween!

On October 31st, Asteroid 2015 TB145 is expected to come closer to Earth than anything this size since July 2006.

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The sizable chunk of rock is flying through space at speeds of over 126,000 km/h (78,293 mph) right now. Discovered just 10 days ago, the asteroid has caught NASA's attention, as they describe it as "eccentric" and "cometary in nature."

So what exactly is an asteroid anyways?

%shareLinks-quote="According to NASA, an asteroid is a relatively small, inactive, rocky body orbiting the Sun." type="spreadWord"%

While these terms may sound alarming, not to worry! Remember that all of this information is relative and Armageddon is not around the corner. The asteroid will miss Earth by 1.3 lunar distances, which equals out to about 499,000 km (310,000 miles).

See photos of what exactly asteroids look like:

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