This famous 1950s 'rebel' has the most valuable autograph of any celeb

James Dean - Mini Biography
James Dean - Mini Biography

It's been sixty years after his death, but James Dean continues to rein supreme of all the terms of their autographs, that is.

Memorabilia website, Paul Fraser Collectibles, revealed in a study that the "Rebel Without a Cause" actor managed to garner up £18,000 at an auction, which estimates to roughly $27,871.

The actor, who was famous for roles like "Giant" and "East of Eden," beat out martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who's autograph was valued at £11,000, or $17,029 for first place, and naval hero Lord Nelson, who rounded out the top three with an impressive, £10,500, or $16,254.

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According to The Daily Mail, there were also top prizes for anyone living as well. The big winner was Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's, who raked in a total of £3,750, or roughly $4,250. Castro's signature is so rare given that he almost never signs autographs because of his entourage.

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This begs the question: Would you pay almost $28,000 for James Dean signature? Let us know in the poll below!

See more from the original "rebel" in the gallery below!

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