Kylie Jenner keeps Tyga's mugshot framed in her living room

Kylie Jenner Keeps Tyga's Mugshot Framed in Her Mansion
Kylie Jenner Keeps Tyga's Mugshot Framed in Her Mansion

On Friday, Kylie Jenner treated fans to a virtual tour of her lavish new $2.7 million home in Calabasas, California. While fans gawked in awe of Kylie's amazing crib, the biggest standout of the tour was surely a framed mugshot of Kylie's bae Tyga casually sitting a the living room shelf.

Kylie, 18, showed off the most personal touches of her home through her website and app. The framed photo of Tyga is a mugshot from his arrest three years ago. It's accompanied by a framed photo of Kylie's grandmother, Esther. Interesting mix of displays, Kylie. We kind of love it.

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Kylie's ah-mazing mansion also features artwork from her Kylie Kip Kit packaging as well as a statue of her beloved dog, Norman. The ultra-white living room was definitely the biggest show-stopper of the crib (aside from the mugshot, of course). Kylie said of the living room:%shareLinks-quote="It's so comfortable, it's like a cloud. I spend all my time in here. It's super comfy." type="quote" author="Kylie Jenner" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

We're glad Kylie feels comfortable in her incredible new home. We're also very, very glad that said home includes such an epic framed item. Never lose that decoration, Kylie. It's a winner.

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