How to avoid toxic Halloween makeup

How to Avoid Toxic Halloween Makeup

Makeup is a huge part of our lives, especially when it comes to Halloween! It can totally make your costume, without breaking the bank. But, all that Halloween makeup can be really toxic to your skin... so here's how to get around it, keeping your skin healthy and safe, while still looking freakishly good.

For cream compacts and shadows, it's not unheard of that they'll contain color additives that aren't FDA approved. So always check the ingredients, and just like you would your normal makeup, do a patch test on your neck or the underside of your arm.

Fake blood is often made from a red dye that causes irritation when mixed with any other makeup that's petroleum based. So make your own fake blood with corn syrup, flour, and food coloring.

If your costume requires prosthetic skin, make sure that you're NOT allergic to latex first. When it comes to masks and props, the ones made from rubber and vinyl could contain lead paint and chemical plasticizers. To avoid absorption through your skin, use makeup to achieve your look, or make your own paper-mache mask.

For your hair, spray on hair color can also contain synthetic chemicals, and it can be difficult to wash out, and it can leave your hair really dry and brittle. Instead, go for a wig. For adhesives and glues, look for ones approved for stage or theater use (which is a general rule for ALL Halloween makeup). Because theater makeup, as opposed to costume makeup, is made with higher quality ingredients, and is therefore less likely to irritate your skin.

If costume makeup is a must, just be sure to pick up ones that are water based. The oil and ointment based ones will clog your pores.

Here's to having lots of treats, and no tricks when it comes to our skin this Halloween!

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