Chinese doctors claim to 'cure gayness' with electro-shock in scary hidden camera footage

Is The Ex-Gay Movement Ending?
Is The Ex-Gay Movement Ending?

Shocking hidden camera footage reveals there are doctors in China still using electro-shock therapy to "cure" gayness.

As shown in the new BBC documentary, Unreported World, unidentified psychiatrists and doctors suggest this dangerous 'gay cure' therapy can work.

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Cleary, this is not something that can be "cured," so why are some doctors still suggesting electro-shock therapy?

It has been 15 years since the Chinese Psychiatric Association stopped classifying homosexuality as a mental illness, but apparently that hasn't stopped some doctors from trying to "cure" patients' gayness.

In the new documentary, LGBT activists go undercover and tell doctors they "want to live a normal life." Hidden camera footage reveals doctors shockingly recommend electro-shock therapy.

"It's a small electric rod. When you have these urges, you shock yourself with the rod. Then you know you should avoid those urges."

One activist involved in this documentary series actually underwent the shock therapy; he is clearly in a serious amount of pain and reports that half of his face went numb.

This Chinese couple held an informal marriage ceremony to push for union:

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