The 10 best Halloween costumes inspired by pop culture

Best pop culture Halloween costumes 2015

2015 has proven to be a big year for pop culture. With the 2016 election already heating up, so many big celebrity moments and the viral-sphere continuing to expand, there is so much material that lends itself to amazing Halloween costumes.

These pop culture-inspired finds (see last year's pop culture costume picks) will inevitably make everyone do a double take at your Halloween gathering. Each ensemble is also super simple to put together -- and we've pieced together looks for you, so there's no hunting involved.

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So think back on Katy Perry's left shark from her Super Bowl performance, Youtube's "pizza rat" and Parks and Recreation's final season. Are you in the mindset? Good! Now, check out our top 15 picks for the best pop culture Halloween costumes of 2015.

Donald Trump Wig and Hat Halloween Costume
1. Donald Trump wig and hat (Amazon)
Whether you love or you hate him, you have to admit Donald Trump is making the headlines nearly every day.
Katy Perry left shark from Super Bowl performance costume
2. Katy Perry and the left shark from her Super Bowl performance (Amazon)
We adore this pairing for a couples costume. For more costumes for two, check out our top 16 here.

Pizza Rat Halloween Costume
3. Youtube's Pizza Rat Pizza and Mouse (Amazon)
Put together, these two costumes bring on an entirely different meaning in the wake of the viral sensation.

Orange is the New Black Halloween Costumes
4. "Orange is the New Black" Khaki Scrub Set and Orange Scrub Set (Amazon)
Want a topical costume that's also incredibly comfortable? Dress up as one of the women on Netflix's "Orange is the New Black."

Jurrasic World Owen Dinosaurs Halloween Costumes
5. "Jurassic World": T-Rex Overhead Mask, Owen Grady, Inflatable Dinosaur (Amazon)
A full inflatable T-Rex costume may not be the right move for everyone, but that's why we're giving you some great options to represent this year's biggest blockbuster.

Leslie Knope Parks and Recreation Halloween Costume
6. "Parks and Recreation" Leslie Knope: Badge // Mug // Waffle iPhone case // Li'l Sebastian T-shirt // "Pawnee" book (Amazon)
Throw a few accessories together, and you've got a super simple Leslie Knope getup in honor of the final season of "Parks and Rec." Also consider adding a pants suit and blonde wig to round out the ensemble.

Batman and batwoman Halloween costumes
7. Batman and Catwoman (Amazon)
Everyone seems to be getting super hyped about the upcoming 'Batman v Superman' film because Batman costumes are literally flying off the shelves!

Deflategate Halloween costume props
8. Deflategate: Football tunic // Tom Brady face mask // Ball Judge shirt // inflatable football (Amazon)
Sorry Pats fans! Deflategate-themed costumes will be huge this year! Mix and match these props for a clever take on the event!

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Halloween Costumes
9. Taylor Swift's Bad Blood Music Video: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 (Amazon)
Looking for the perfect group costume? Look no further than Taylor Swift's squad. These body suits, two pieces and more will get you started. Then, just grab your friends and accessorize!

#TheDress Halloween Costume
10. #TheDress (Yandy)
Blue and black or white and gold? This costume is an ode to the year's craziest debate.

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The 10 best Halloween costumes inspired by pop culture
Chef ($29.59) and Waiter/Waitress ($22.39)
Sleeping Beauty ($39.19) and Cinderella ($47.99)
Police Officer ($27.19) and Donut ($25.58)
Shaggy ($20.79) and Scooby Doo ($23.99)
Barack Obama ($9.93) and Hillary Clinton ($19.99)
Thor ($19.99), Ironman ($21.59) and Captain America ($21.59)
Anna ($21.59) and Olaf ($19.99)
Woody ($18.99), Buzz ($16.99) and Jessie ($19.99)
The Cowardly Lion ($27.99), Dorothy ($27.99) and the Scarecrow ($23.99)

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