10 best Halloween costume ideas for families

Family Halloween Costume Ideas
Could Halloween be just the thing to bring your family even closer together? With a group costume, it just might. Consider choosing a theme with your kin and all taking part. The family costume can be a great option for young families and groups trick-or-treating together.

Looking for more Halloween costume ideas? Check out the best pop-culture costumes of 2015, clever couple's costumes and costumes just for kids. They are also a great to jump start your thinking around a great group costume for October 31st.

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See all of our favorites below:

The Avengers Halloween Family Costume
1. The Avengers: Hulk // Black Widow // Captain America // Thor // Iron Man (Costume SuperCenter)
Mix and match these costumes to create the ultimate superhero family! For wigs, accessories and more, head to Costume SuperCenter's Avengers page.

Scooby Doo Family Halloween Costume
2. Scooby Doo: Fred // Daphne // Velma // Shaggy // Scooby Doo (Amazon)
Get your gang together to celebrate some Halloween mysteries with this clever group costume for all ages.

Minions Family Halloween Costume Idea

3. Minions: Minion Kevin // Minion Pajamas // Minion Bob // Girl's Minion // Minion Stewart (Costume SuperCenter)

If your family can't get enough of these little yellow fellas, consider going as them for Halloween! These are a great option if you live in cold climates, as they lend themselves nicely to full coverage! For more Minions, check out Costume SuperCenter's Despicable Me page.

Candy Family Halloween Costume Idea
4. Halloween Candy: Nerds // Twix // Skittles // Mint // Tootsie Roll (Amazon)
Some think Halloween is all about dressing up, while others are in it for the candy! This family costume idea merges both!

Star Wars Family Halloween Costume Ideas
5. Star Wars: Stormtrooper // Princess Leia // Rey // Luke Skywalker // Darth Vader (Costume SuperCenter)
May the force be with you in these family-perfect Halloween ensembles. Check out more gear on Costume SuperCenter's Star Wars page.

The Muppets Family Halloween Costume Idea
6. The Muppets: Beaker // Swedish Chef // Miss Piggy // Fozzie Bear // Kermit (Amazon)
These classic costumes are making a comeback this year in the wake of the new show The Muppets on ABC.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Family Costume Idea
7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael // Leonardo // Michelangelo // Toddler Leonardo // Pet Leonardo (Costume SuperCenter)
Go green in a totally new way this Halloween! And for more options, check out the TMNT page.

Ghostbusters Family Halloween Costumes
8. Ghostbusters: Adult Ghostbuster // Stay Puft Marshmallow Man // Child Ghostbuster // Toddler Ghostbuster // Slimer Dog (Ebay)
We cannot wait for Paul Feig's new Ghostbusters film due out next year! While we wait, these costumes will have to do!

Wild Animal Family Halloween Costume Idea
9. Wild Animals: Dolphin // Kangaroo // Fox // Wolf // Tiger (Ebay)
How cute is this combination of wild animals! The great part about this costume, is you can continue to add animals for bigger families or take them away for smaller ones.

Jurassic World family Halloween costume idea
10. Jurassic World: Inflatable dino // Owen // Raptor // T-Rex // Stegosaurus (Amazon)
Dinosaurs are fun for the whole family! There are some great dog costumes, too, including this Stegosaurus getup that is just too cute.

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