Tom Hanks supports son Colin's new movie with the best Tweet

Colin Hanks Premieres Debut Feature
Colin Hanks Premieres Debut Feature

It's a big week for the Hanks family!

Tom Hanks' highly-anticipated movie, Bridge of Spies, opened in theaters on Friday, and his son, Colin Hanks, released his documentary, All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Record, at the same time.

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Hanks tweeted the best picture about both his and Colin's movies after seeing them posted in the top two spots on a movie theater marquee on Saturday. "Got time for two movies? Top two choices and you're done. Hanx," he wrote.

Although Tom, 59, has been doing his fair share of promotion for his run as a lawyer recruited by the CIA to defend a Russian spy in Bridge of Spies, he's been spending a lot of time on social media promoting his son's project as well -- just like any proud father would do!

"Big movie opening this weekend! 7 years in the making! #TowerRecordsDoc," he tweeted on Wednesday.

Colin's documentary about the legendary record store, Tower Records, and its founder Russ Solomon, marks his first feature-length film as a director.

The 37-year-old actor celebrated the premiere with a party at a pop-up Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on Thursday. The big bash featured rock band, Eagles of Death Metal, and Colin even shared video that was taken from a drone of the soiree.

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Tom wasn't the only relative showing love for Colin's film -- his wife and Colin's stepmother, Rita Wilson, lent her support with a surprise appearance at the film's premiere at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Between the documentary in theaters and a new TV show, Life in Pieces, getting rave reviews, Colin is definitely having a good year

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