Today in history: 'Roseanne' premiered on ABC

Growing Up On 'Roseanne'
Growing Up On 'Roseanne'

On this day in 1988, "Roseanne" premiered on ABC. The sitcom revolved around the Conners family, a working class, Illinois family. The premise? Every day life of a blue collar family. The execution? Amazing.

The show focused on what many working-class families dealt with and was one of the first shows to portray an American family, with both parents working outside the house. Dealing with a limited income, three children, and the middle class woes, "Roseanne" managed to become one of the greatest sitcoms of all times.

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The concept derived from Roseanne Barr's stand-up performance on "The Tonight Show." The executives over at Carsey-Werner Productions thought her "in your voice" performance, and topical jokes were something that many could relate to, and relate they did. After it's first year, "Roseanne" was number one in the ratings between 1989 and 1990.


With a cast like Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, and Laurie Metcalf, the sitcom managed to stay in the top five on Nielsen ratings for the first six seasons.

In order to celebrate the hilarity that was "Roseanne," we've decided to round up some of our favorite moments from the show. Sit back, watch, and prepare to laugh.

"Life and Stuff" - Season 1, Episode 1

"A Stash from the Past" - Season 6, Episode 4

"Santa Claus" - Season 4, Episode 12

"The Little Sister" - Season 2, Episode 2

"Thanksgiving" - Season 7, Episode 10

These are clearly just a few of the hilarious episodes from Roseanne. Check out even more of our favorite moments in the gallery below!

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