Library books finally returned after 52 years accompanied by interesting note

Library Books Returned After 52 Years
Library Books Returned After 52 Years

It's not entirely uncommon to return library books a little past their due date.

But librarians at Portland State University Library were a bit surprised when two books finally made it back—52 years later.

According to a stamp inside one of the books, they were borrowed in January of 1963. The other was a reserve book and shouldn't have been checked out at all. They were returned with an unsigned note that read:

"'Borrowed' these books about 1963 for my high school speech class. They have moved with me many times. It is now time for them [to] go back home. Outdated — yes — but I'll let you decide their fate now."

Their fate is undecided at the moment, but the library has said they aren't going back into circulation.

And, luckily, there are no late fees.

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