Highly venomous sea snake seen in California for first time in 30 years

Highly Venomous Sea Snake Seen In California For First Time In 30 Years

A venomous snake species has been spotted in California for the first time in roughly three decades.

As far as the Golden State is concerned, the last known sighting of the yellow-bellied sea snake was in the early 1980s -- in the midst of an El Niño weather event.

With an unusually strong El Niño this year and two sightings reported on a beach in Oxnard, California, scientists are asking for the public's help to confirm whether these warm-water-favoring snakes have actually made landfall.

Heal the Bay, an environmental organization, is encouraging citizens to document any sightings with images and location data.

But whatever you do -- just don't touch them. The yellow-bellied sea snake produces some of the most lethal venom in the world.

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Highly venomous sea snake seen in California for first time in 30 years
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