Cards Against Humanity's most surprising move yet

Study Shows Women with Advanced STEM Degrees Hired for More Jobs Than Men
Study Shows Women with Advanced STEM Degrees Hired for More Jobs Than Men

There's a lot of bad news out there, and we seem to love to talk about it. In fact, sometimes we make things out to be a lot worse than they are. As Nicholas Kristof recently pointed out, our current political climate causes us to ignore the positive strides the world is making every day. In that light, let's take this opportunity to laud a shining example of corporate philanthropy in a place you probably wouldn't expect it: a naughty card game.

cards against humanity
cards against humanity

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If you know about the game Cards Against Humanity, you probably know it for its vulgarity, political incorrectness, or otherwise "Not Safe For Work" nature. But what you may not know is that they're making news for their generous moves within the workplace — specifically for women.

Last week, Cards Against Humanity announced that they would be offering $500,000 in scholarships for women in tech, calling it the Science Ambassador Scholarship fund.

Good for Humanity, Good for Business

The money for the scholarship fund, which will go toward providing full-ride scholarships to women working toward a STEM undergraduate degree, came from the sale of a $10 science-themed expansion pack.

While the money itself won't go to benefit anyone at Cards Against Humanity, the move might make some employees feel pretty good about going to work every day. A recent study shows that workers value philanthropy. Millennials especially have proven that they want to work for a company that serves a greater purpose — and if the company's work itself isn't contributing the greater good, then they should at least have their hands in some philanthropic ventures.

The Need for Women in Tech

It wasn't an accident that Cards Against Humanity chose to target women in tech. According to PayScale's College Salary Report, STEM degrees dominate the list of highest paying degrees, but they remain predominately male fields. Creating incentives for more women in STEM is an important step in making inroads toward equality.

Cards Against Humanity's decision to create this scholarship highlights an important role that companies play in influencing the job market: businesses have the power to create change not only through their work, but in their ability to create opportunity where it once may not have been.

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