Dad writes the most hilarious notes explaining why his kids are late to school

Dad Instagrams Hilarious Late Notes To Keep His Kids On Time
Dad Instagrams Hilarious Late Notes To Keep His Kids On Time

Instagram user Seth King seems like one of the funniest dads on the planet. Reacting to his kids always being late for school, the man from Salk Lake City, UT, got bored of writing the usual notes excusing them for getting up too late or taking too long to get dressed and unleashed his creative side. Mr. King started posting the most hilarious notes on the social media platform, entertaining a pretty big audience of 40,900 followers under the account called "latenotes."

According to to Cosmopolitan, King explained the idea behind the account:

%shareLinks-quote="I was getting bored with writing the same old excuse note, and it got to a point where I also wanted my kids to understand the shame they should be feeling for being tardy and putting on-time attendance at their school as a second-tier priority." type="quote" author="Seth King" authordesc="Dead and creator of Latenotes" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Here is a collection of some of his best notes:

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