5 of Eminem's most amazing moments

On This Day:  October 17
On This Day: October 17

Happy Birthday to the real slim shady, Eminem!

The rapper turns 43 today and has been entertaining music lovers for years. The artist has created masterpieces when it comes to music with albums such as "The Slim Shady," "Recovery" "The Eminem Show." However, it wasn't just his music people talked about, but his antics as well.

Because they had made such great pop culture moments, we have decided to round up some of Eminem's most outrageous moments to celebrate his 43rd birthday!

Sit back, watch, and enjoy all Marshall Mathers has to offer.

1.) Real Slim Shady performance at the 2000 VMAs

2.) When he performed with Elton John at the Grammys. Outrageous? No. Random? Absolutely.

3.) When he was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on public access television.

4.) When he rhymed "orange" "door hinge" and "George" all in one sentence.

5.) When he starred in a Chrysler commercial celebrating his love for Detroit.

Check out more Eminem in the gallery below and of course, Happy Birthday!

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