Watch someone ride a hoverboard that actually flies

World Record Set for Longest Hoverboard Ride
World Record Set for Longest Hoverboard Ride

Hoverboards have been at the center of everyone's attention in the recent months, with celebrities riding self balancing scooters mistakenly called the same name, to Lexus pulling a major PR stunt with their magnetic skateboard. The problem with all these technologies is that the either don't really fly or they only work in a very limited environment, specifically rigged for the device.

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So far, only one man has been able to invent a hoverboard that you can actually control to fly around. Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru built a platform that looks like multirotor drone and can lift a standing human being. The pilot is strapped to the "board" with with boots and can control the direction of the flight by leaning his or her weight towards the desired way. The inventor currently detains the world record for the longest distance covered on a hoverboard, which is 275.9 meters - 905 feet.

You can watch a test run over a lake here:

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