GOP Money: Carson raised the most, Cruz saved the most


The third fundraising quarter was good to Republican outsiders.

Ben Carson, the political neophyte neurosurgeon, topped the Republican presidential field, raising $20 million between July and October, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz, who collected $12.2 million in receipts.

But Jeb Bush, the one time establishment front-runner also showed staying power, revealing Thursday he had taken in $13.4 million over the same period.

Every other GOP contender fell under the $10 million mark, with Carly Fiorina ($6.8 million) just edging out Sen. Marco Rubio ($6 million.)

Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul and dominating front-runner, has said he's self-financing his campaign with his own money and only accepting small checks from individuals.

GOP spending
GOP spending

But perhaps more important than the money raised is how much each candidate has left in the bank to spend.

In this category, it's Cruz who tops the list of Republican hopefuls, totaling $13.5 million in the bank. Carson, who burned through more of his money, was left with $12 million entering October.

Rubio's campaign boasted that "thanks to smart budgeting and fiscal discipline", it had more money in the bank than Bush. But the difference is marginal, almost like the two men's polling.

Rubio has $11 million on hand to Bush's $10 million.

All other candidates trail in what they have to spend, with Fiorina at $5.5 million in the bank, Sen. Rand Paul with $2 million and Gov. Chris Christie with just $1.4 million.

GOP spending
GOP spending

The third quarter fundraising deadline was Sept. 30 and campaigns had until Oct. 15 to file their numbers with the Federal Election Commission.

Even candidates who have since withdrawn were forced to show their hands.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who ended his bid Sept. 21, reported raising $7.4 million, but spending $6.4 million of it, amounting to a rapid 86 percent burn rate.