10 beyond tasty burger hacks for meat lovers everywhere

Keep Your Burgers Juicy and Flavorful
When it comes to outdoor barbecues with friends, or lunch with the family -- nothing quite does it like a savory, delicious burger. Whether you like it with cheese melted on top or medium-rare, there's just something about enjoying meat-filled meals that warm our souls.

So, if you love burgers as much as we do, why not do all you can to make them the best they can be? We've got a few quick and easy burger hacks that will take your next grill-out from so-so to SO YUMMY! Trust us when we say, these simple tricks will have all your friends and family drooling.

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1. Grind, grind, grind

To ensure optimal flavor freshness, grind your own meat with a food processor.

2. Meat on meat

Skip the diced veggies and add more meat. Ground bacon, sausage or lamb, are all great options.

3. Cook with mustard

For a juicy, flavorful patty, add some mustard while you grill.

4. Toast buns on both sides

Toast both sides of your burger bun to fortify your defense against soggy buns.

5. Add bacon (duh)

Add ground bacon to the patty or thick slices of bacon on top. Yum!

6. One word: BEER

Enjoying your burger with the perfect beer is crucial. Opt for a Pale Ale for the ultimate burger-beer experience.

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10 beyond tasty burger hacks for meat lovers everywhere

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