Top 5 On the Go: Thursday October 15


It's the evening of Thursday, October 15 and these are the top stories you need to know right now on

1. Few signs of improvement for Lamar Odom after collapse
Lamar Odom spent a third day on life support in a Nevada hospital. Doctors said he had experienced a series of strokes.

2. US analysts knew Afghan site was hospital
A report today revealed that American analysts had been collecting intelligence on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan before it was destroyed in a military attack. The Pentagon initially claimed the attack was to protect U.S. troops.

3. NOAA: Thanks to El Nino, the US looks pretty wet this winter
Forecasters said today the El Nino coming this winter is going to drench much of the United States, including drought-stricken California.

4. Does Hillary Clinton want Julian Castro as her running mate?
Hillary Clinton revealed the name of one person she's seriously considering to be her running mate. Julian Castro is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and previously served three terms as the mayor of San Antonio, Texas.

5. Government: No benefit hike for Social Security next year
More bad news for Social Security recipients. The government announced today there will be no cost-of-living increase in benefits next year.

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