This lost seal was found by very unlikely rescuers

These Cows Have No Idea How This Seal Pup Got in Their Field
These Cows Have No Idea How This Seal Pup Got in Their Field

A group of very perplexed cows had quite a strange encounter in the middle of a field when they stumbled upon a tiny seal that was clearly lost. The seal, which was only a few days old, was spotted by Ian Ellis, who was bird-watching in the area of U.K.'s Frampton Marsh nature reserve when he noticed something out of the ordinary. A heard of 30 cows were surrounding the misplaced animal with great curiosity, trying to investigate what the creature was and why it didn't look like the rest of them.

When Mr. Ellis realized that the little seal needed help, he called the rescuers who quickly arrived on the scene and took care of the animal that was dehydrated and underweight and soon developed a lung infection. The Natureland Seal Sanctuary hosted the seal and helped her recover from her condition, while feeding her as much as possible until she was able to return to the sea.

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