#Showusyourpits encourages pit bull owners to share photos of their dogs and it's the best

Pitbulls Can Pull Off Some Really Cool Tricks
Pitbulls Can Pull Off Some Really Cool Tricks

Let's face it, pit bulls have a bad rap. However, thanks to this new social media hashtag, #ShowUsYourPits, people will understand they are as adorable as ever.

Dog owners have decided to take to social media posting beautiful and hilarious images of their pit bulls. The hashtag, which was initiated by Animal Planet, was to help prepare for their premiere of "Pit Bulls and Parolees."

Also, it turns out October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month, so the posts are pretty timely too.

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We've compiled some of our favorites from Twitter and Instagram. Try not to keel over from cuteness overload.

And a few more just in case that wasn't enough!

It's safe to say pit bulls are pretty great. And remember, adopt don't shop!

In the event you thought, "No, I need more dogs to look at" (as we all do), here are some of our favorite Instagram pups:

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