News in Brief: October 15, 2015

Obama Flips On Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan
Obama Flips On Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan

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Today, Obama makes a big change to his Afghanistan plan, Lamar Odom is fighting for his life, and much more. Read on for your full roundup of news in brief:

News: Obama makes big change to Afghanistan plan

  • President Barack Obama announced plans Thursday to keep nearly 10,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan through most of next year and 5,500 when he leaves office in 2017, casting aside his promise to end the war on his watch and instead ensuring he hands off the conflict to a successor.

Entertainment: Lamar Odom is still in critical condition

  • Ex-NBA star Lamar Odom is still at the hospital in critical condition as his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian and her family stay with him at his bedside. The situation is still being watched, and updates will continue to be posted.

Tech: Stunning footage shows what it's like to fly on an eagle above London

  • In an attempt to make a great ad for its new Assassin's Creed video game, Ubisoft strapped a 4K camera on an eagle and let the bird fly free above the city of London while capturing some phenomenal footage.

Sports: Worker sues McEnroe's tennis academy, cites unpaid overtime

  • A former maintenance worker at a New York tennis academy co-owned by John McEnroe says he and others weren't paid for overtime.

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