Man named Santa Claus wins North Pole city council seat

Santa Claus Elected to North Pole City Council
Santa Claus Elected to North Pole City Council

Christmas came early this year for one Alaska town.

A man with the legal name "Santa Claus" just won a seat on the city council in North Pole, Alaska.

According to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Claus was a write-in candidate after he launched a campaign for an open City Council seat.

The write-in campaign was launched two weeks before the Oct. 6 election.

Claus got citizens of the North Pole into the voting spirit by taking to the streets dressed in a red velvet suit and a sign that read, "Where the spirit of Christmas lives year round."

%shareLinks-quote="The campaign was a success, with Claus receiving 58 write-in votes from the small 2,200 person town." type="spreadWord"%

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that the news of St. Nick's win was celebrated with a laugh throughout the town.

One person said, "I'm sure glad Santa won."

Born legally Thomas Patrick O'Connor, Claus is the former president of the North Pole Chamber of Commerce.

He will fill one of the two seats open in the election. The other was won by Elyse Dawson, a youth pastor at a local church.

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