Illinois lottery winners getting IOUs thanks to budget crisis

Illinois Lottery WInners Getting IOUs Thanks To Budget Crisis

The Illinois government is issuing IOU's to lottery winners and to no one's surprise — everyone is angry.

Starting this week, anyone in the state who wins more than $600 will have to sit back and wait for their winnings.

Since July, the state hasn't paid players who've won $25,000 or more. Now that limit has jumped down to 600.

The lotto says it has the money to pay the winnings, but the lack of a state budget means the comptroller, Leslie Munger, has no legal authority to issue checks.

The state says once a budget in passed all claims will be paid but it's unclear when that will be. In the meantime, dozens of winners are suing the state. One lawsuit alleges that the state owes more than $288 million in prizes.

But the backed up budget is causing a bit more serious issues. The state is having to delay pension payments and there's a possibility of a shorter school year if things don't get figured out soon.

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Illinois lottery winners getting IOUs thanks to budget crisis

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