6 best cold weather drinks for fall

Sometimes fall isn't pretty, but when it comes to drinks to help kick the cold, these few may just sweep you off your frozen feet. Here are six drinks you should add to your repertoire for fall:

1. Hot Cocoa
Wherever you are, hot cocoa always tastes good. Especially when it's covered with marshmallows.

2. Apple Cider
Ever had warm apple cider with whip cream? Me either, but now I feel like it's a must.

3. Apple Cider Cocktails
If you're having guests over, you can entice them with apple cider cocktails, maybe add a little bourbon or spiced rum.

4. Chai Tea
If you like lighter tastes, try chai tea. Mix it up with some honey, cinnamon or pumpkin spice. Or have a chai tea latte chilling at home.

5. Egg Nog
Who says you can't have egg nog throughout the season? It's cold, that's justification enough! If it feels weird, you can always put it in a holiday cup.

6. Coffee
Everyone needs a boost in the cold, so we can't forget coffee, but try it with mint! Whether you drink it hot or iced, it's a refreshing pick me up.

See photos of more delicious warm drinks:

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