5 fall beauty mistakes to fix now

Fall beauty mistakes and how to fix them fast
Fall beauty mistakes and how to fix them fast

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

As the seasons change, so should your beauty regimen. Which means, now that autumn has set in, you can kiss your summer beauty habits good-bye -- these easy fixes should do the trick.

Mistake #1: Attempting to Preserve Your Tan
Even if you didn't spend your weekends poolside soaking up rays, it's a pretty good bet that your skin got a tinge darker over the summer months. Trying to maintain your color longer can often have a reverse effect -- instead of a dewy, sun-kissed glow, you may end up with dry, sallow skin.

The Fix: Forget skimping on your exfoliation routine. We suggest using a cleanser with salicylic acid to help remove dead skin. Now that your skin is refreshed, rather than overdosing on bronzer, get your fall glow on by using liquid highlighter. Not only will you see a similar effect to contouring, but the latest formulas also have undertones that flatter a number of different skin tones.

Mistake #2: Sticking With Your Summer Hair Color
As fall sets in, your sun-soaked strands might start to highlight the wrong things -- such as your paler complexion -- but dying your hair dark isn't the answer, either.

The Fix: A good rule to follow: Don't go more than two shades lighter or darker -- dramatic shifts can feel too severe. If you're blonde, weave some golden highlights through your strands to balance out the beige. Chestnut browns work well to richen brunette hair. And if you want to amp up faded red hair, you can't go wrong with copper or auburn shades. A DIY kit that offers multifaceted color and deep conditioning will help keep your hair looking healthy.

Mistake #3: Abandoning Waterproof Formulas
We tend to think of waterproof makeup products as a summer-only thing because the season's sweltering sun and humid air are far from a beauty maven's best friend. In truth, fall's gusty winds and allergens (hello, watery eyes!) can sabotage an artfully blended smoky eye just as quickly.

The Fix: Stick with waterproof mascara -- and regardless of whether you opt for smoky shadow, create a cat eye or simply add a poppy lip, make sure to lock in your whole look with a
makeup-setting spray.

Mistake #4: Ramping Up Hot Showers
It's easy to lose yourself in a steamy shower, especially on extra-cold and gloomy days. Hey, we get it -- we miss summer Fridays, too! But daydreaming of sun and sand in scalding-hot water can be ultra-damaging: Skin tends to dry out faster, your hair color fades more rapidly, and as for your hair texture -- you can kiss luster good-bye.

The Fix: If you simply aren't ready to commit to lukewarm water, you've got to go with a quickie. The faster you can get in and get out, the more your beauty routine will benefit. Our secret to speed: a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner that boosts shine.

Mistake #5: Neglecting Your Nails
Soon (if you haven't already) you'll be swapping your sandals for boots, but that doesn't mean you can start passing on pedicures. You don't have to be quite as diligent as you were in the summer months, but you should definitely avoid chipped polish peeking out of peep-toe booties.

The Fix: Pamper your toes with a fresh coat of polish every couple weeks. If you use a
long-wear nail color formula, you can really stretch the life of your pedicure. And if you truly don't have time to repaint, removing your polish is the way to go.

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