Watch this modern day samurai cut a baseball at 100 mph

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Samurais are not a thing of the past, as Isao Machii demonstrated while becoming a Guinness World Record holder. The man used his sword skills to cut a baseball that was shot at him at 160 kilometers per hour, which is about a phenomenal speed of 100 miles per hour, in half.

The incredible speed of the act is what looks like the most skillful part of the video, since Mr. Machii was standing only 30 feet away from the spot where the baseball was ejected. The performance was documented in a video that you can watch below, but pay close attention since the slicing happens in the blink of an eye.

Speaking of samurais, watch this video of a family who took a photo near a samurai's tomb and claims that they captured his ghost in the snapshot:

Family Claims to See 'Samurai Ghost' in Vacation Pic
Family Claims to See 'Samurai Ghost' in Vacation Pic

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