Terrifying video shows bear roaming the hallways of Montana high school

Credit: KZBK Facebook

So, a bear walks into a school... It may sound like the beginning of a joke but the terrifying incident actually happened to a high school in Montana.

Students arrived to a shocking scene when they spotted a wild animal in the building.

A video posted to Twitter shows a black bear roaming the hallway in a Bozeman high school.

The animal entered the building around 7:30 this morning through an open garage door in the back of the school.

But it didn't stay long. After about a minute of roaming the halls, the bear exited through an open door. The bear was then chased outside by Bozeman Police, according to KBZK.

Although the whereabouts of the animal is unknown, students were assured that it definitely was not still on campus.

Officials from the school said there was no current threat to students.

Watch the terrifying footage below:

A bear visited a #Bozeman#Montana high school this morning! pic.twitter.com/vVJEOQqbe7

— The Senior List (@SeniorList) October 14, 2015

Black bears are frequent wanderers. Watch what happened when onedecided to take a dip in a swimming pool at a home in Vancouver:

Vancouver Black Bear Relaxes in Hot Tub
Vancouver Black Bear Relaxes in Hot Tub

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