Twitter employees are tweeting the best reactions to their layoffs

In Wake of Layoffs, Is Twitter in Trouble?
In Wake of Layoffs, Is Twitter in Trouble?

Following the take over of newly appointed CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter went through some major restructuring that led to the layoff of 336 employees, which constitute roughly 8% of the company's workforce. Mr. Dorsey sent out an email about the plan and tweeted that the move was not easy, yet necessary. The former employees received generous severance packages that will cost the company $10 million to $20 million, but this did not keep them from taking their frustration to everyone's Twitter timelines with the hashtag #TwitterLayoffs.

Some revealed how they had to find out the hard way and how disappointing it was, while other reactions were simply hilarious:

But let's face it, the chances of someone to stay unemployed for long after working at Twitter are very minimal, as someone pointed out:

And of course, other employers rushed to make sure they could direct Twitter's talent spill into their own companies:

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