This diabolic USB stick can fry your computer in seconds

USB drives have been a very common way to carry data and transfer it from one computer to another, but you need to be very careful of what you plug into your device. These sticks have already been used in a number of occasions to input malware and take down systems with viruses, but a new version of these tiny drives just went way beyond that.

A researcher identified as Dark Purple created a USB device that can completely kill your computer in a matter of seconds after you plug it in. The person behind the idea posted a video showing his creation in action while it destroys a computer's innards. The stick delivers an electric surge into the USB port and permanently damages an IBM Thinkpad, which shuts down very quickly and doesn't turn back on even after plugging the charger. The scary thing is that this USB stick looks completely normal from the outside, making it really easy to cover up the diabolic device that can physically harm your hardware.

Be mindful of what you plug into your computer.

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