This author's first novel won a prestigious award after being rejected 78 times

2015 Man Booker Prize Goes To Jamaican Marlon James
2015 Man Booker Prize Goes To Jamaican Marlon James

Any author will tell you, the life of a modern day writer requires tough skin. That sentiment especially rings true to Marlon James, the writer who just won the prestigious Man Booker prize this week for his incredible accomplishment in fiction.

But what's really amazing is that James's award-winning work, "John Crow's Devil" was rejected by 78 publishers.

The author told BBC that the string of disappointment lead him to eventually take a brief hiatus from writing, stating "I did give [writing] up. I actually destroyed the manuscript, I even went on my friends computers and erased it."

Thankfully James later revisited "John Crow's Devil" from his emails and decided to move forward with the piece.

The book, which was voted unanimously as the winner for the year, is sure to be a hit. And for it being James's first novel, it's quite an accomplishment. The £50,000 cash prize -- that's over $77,000 -- doesn't hurt either.

Talk about an underdog story.

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