Someone made a Thor's hammer working replica that only he can lift

Top 10 Superhero Movie Weapons

The Mjölnir, Thor's hammer, is one of the coolest weapons the world of superheroes has ever seen. One of the main features of the hammer is that no-one, except for the worthy one (Thor) can lift it. Some super geek took the challenge to make his own homemade Mjölnir with just the same characteristic as the one that the nordic god uses in his adventures.

A Youtube channel called Sufficiently Advanced posted a video showing a replica of the hammer created using a mix of mega magnets and a fingerprint scanner, all controlled by a basic Arduino microprocessor. The hardware was covered with a layer that made the hammer look as if it was made of metal and the final product was taken to the streets to challenge a few incredulous people to lift it up. The way the system is set up lets only the creator deactivate the magnets by using the fingerprint scanner, letting him be the only one able to lift the hammer from a metal surface. Here is the video:

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