Research finds that people who drink black coffee more are likely to be psychopaths

Black Coffee Drinkers More Likely to Be Psychopaths
Black Coffee Drinkers More Likely to Be Psychopaths

Coffee lovers, get ready to grab the creamer.

A new study shows that people who take their coffee black are more likely to be exhibit psychopathic traits.

Psychologists looked at the taste preferences of people and found a significant correlation between those who have antisocial personality traits and those with an enjoyment of bitter tastes.

Researchers from the University of Innsbruck in Austria studied 953 American adults and found that the ones who preferred foods with more bitter tastes were scoring higher on a series of personality tests. These questionnaires measured qualities such as narcissism, aggression and sadism.

The full study is expected to be published in international research journal, Appetite. The research also comments that the participants who preferred other foods that were bitter, such as tonic water, radishes and celery were more likely to exude these psychopathic behaviors.

The study states:

The present research has demonstrated that bitter taste preferences are associated with more pronounced malevolent personality traits, especially robustly with everyday sadism.

There's also good news for those more akin to the sweeter things in life. Participants who favored sweeter foods, like cake and sugar, tended to be more agreeable.

But have no fear, black coffee lovers -- your personality might not be better off, but your health is. Adding cream and sugar to your morning-picker-upper could load the drink with unnecessary fats and sugars, which could lead to health problems in the future.

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