Nude woman destroys Subway restaurant in drug-fueled rampage

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Police in Anchorage were called to quite an unusual scene on Tuesday night.

Cops arrived to a Subway in East Anchorage after a woman violently damaged the interior of the restaurant, according to KTVA. They believe she was under the influence of a drug.

The incident occurred around 7:30 pm on Tuesday night. Employees told police the female suspect was "acting odd" when she entered the establishment.

Police Sgt. Shaun Henry told KTVA that people described her as "a little crazy":

%shareLinks-quote="She disrobed, went fully nude and kinda just went nuts. " type="quote" author="Sgt. Shaun Henry" authordesc="Anchorage Police" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Henry said the woman's antics continued and she "started breaking furniture, destroyed the store, knocked over computers, ripped the ceiling down, sprayed a fire extinguisher all over, locked herself in the bathroom for awhile, broke just about everything you could find."

Employees also found human feces on the floor, as well.

Fortunately, cops were able to subdue the female suspect and take her into custody. Upon examination, medics on the scene told police that the incident appeared to be drug related. Authorities believe the woman was high on spice, which is an herbal mixture that produces mind-altering effects similar to marijuana.

The woman was then transferred to a local hospital, but she is going to have more than a hospital bill to worry about when she recovers.

"She did a significant amount of damage and it's gonna take awhile to fix the store," said Henry.

Although no customers were present, the incident was witnessed by multiple employees. The woman's violent reaction was not uncommon, according to Henry. He said that sometimes people under the influence of spice can become uncooperative and violent whereas others just lay down and go to sleep.

%shareLinks-quote="You never know what you're going to get and that's part of the danger with it is you don't know what it's going to do to the human body and you get sometimes these very extreme reactions." type="quote" author="Sgt. Shaun Henry" authordesc="Anchorage Police" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Watch below to learn more about how the synthetic drug 'Spice' is landing people in the ER:

Synthetic Drug 'Spice' Fueling Rise in ER Visits
Synthetic Drug 'Spice' Fueling Rise in ER Visits

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