Mom sends 'care package' full of meth to jailed daughter

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Brandi Lynn Miller was feeling a little homesick so she did what any daughter who was missing home would do -- she asked her mom to send a care package.

Unfortunately, as Oregon Live reports, what Brandi was missing happened to be drugs and she was homesick because she was in jail.

The mother -- Elizabeth Kay Sparkman -- strapped prescription drugs to tampons and stashed them behind a toilet bowl in a dental office where Miller was getting treatment.

However, the plan unraveled when the tampons came loose and deputies found them on the floor.

Cops soon caught the mom, who confessed on the spot and turned over the rest of the feminine product, packed with drugs that included one gram of methamphetamine and 18 pills of oxycodone.

Law enforcement officials give Sparkman credit -- investigators said she packed the drugs so compactly that the mother also had room to fit in other items, like hairbands and tweezers, to create a psuedo-care package.

Deputy district attorney Glen Banfield has been prosecuting cases for four years, but seeing a parent smuggle drugs into prison for their child is a first.

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Sparkman appeared in Multnomah County Circuit Court earlier this month and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply contraband, delivery of meth and delivery of oxycodone.

A judge sentenced the mother to 30 days, which she can serve in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Three months before, a different judge sentenced Sparkman's daughter, Brandi, to eight months for her involvement in a drug smuggling case, including a separate time when she was caught with a cup of meth in her crotch. The daughter also received a separate four year sentence for identity theft.

Authorities uncovered the mother and daughter's scheme after investigators listened into their phone calls, which was rife with thinly-veiled coded sentences.

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