Creative dessert ideas you need to try this National Dessert Day


It's National Dessert Day and to be honest, our minds are solely preoccupied by the thought of how we can satisfy our sweet tooth. But who could blame us? It's not exactly a secret that the best part of dinner is what comes after -- DESSERT. From cupcakes, to pie, to soft-baked cookies -- there's just something about dessert that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like everything is right with the world!

The holiday is meant to celebrate the love and pure joy sweet treats bring into our lives and we're 100 percent excited to celebrate this day right. Lucky for us, there are a few dessert-happy places that enjoy celebrating as well, offering free treats on this ever so special occasion. But if you're wondering how you can partake in National Dessert Day festivities yourself, check out the slideshow above for deliciously creative dessert ideas you can make at home!

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Hacks to Take Your Dessert Game to the Next Level

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