You'll never believe the awful things some housekeepers see and do

While most people trust their housekeepers or the housekeepers hired by hotels they stay at, some fear that said housekeepers may steal or snoop through their belongings. While many housekeepers feel disrespected by such assumptions or accusations, others admit to stealing people's things and even to leaving dirty sheets and towels in their rooms. Several housekeepers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share shocking confessions about things they do on the job.

Some try to avoid any conversations about their profession:
I hate when people ask me what I do for a living because I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a maid

The job isn't a stereotype:
When I tell people I'm a maid, they instantly think of a sexy maid outfit. They couldn't be more wrong

The work is incredibly exhausting:
I'm a housekeeper. My place is so dirty. I am too exhausted cleaning other people's places to take care of myself. It's all I can do to eat, shower, and show up with a clean uniform.

Some try to utilize the perks of the job:
I'm a housekeeper at a hotel. After I finish the rooms I spend the remainder of my shift watching tv alone in the rooms.

Some people are quite disrespectful when addressing their housekeepers:
I'm a housekeeper for  very well off people.  They are usually very  nice to me but when  their friends come  around, they introduce  me as "Cinderella" and it makes me sad.

Housekeepers can be very creative with getting around certain rules:
I work as a housekeeper and I'm not allowed to smoke on the property  so I use my vape pen in every room I clean

Some try to work on their social lives while on the job:
Im a maid and ive always wanted to leave my number in a room to see if someone would text me.

Apparently you can never trust clean-looking sheets:
I'm a housekeeper at a hotel and I never change the sheets if they look clean

It might be a good idea to hide your nail polish:
I clean houses for a living and if I see a dollar laying around or some nail polish I like or anything like that I take it. I don't feel bad about it.

Many housekeepers feel disrespected by certain assumptions, though:
I'm a housekeeper at a hotel.  I Have people that set traps to try and see if I will steal anything. I refuse to clean the room when I see a trap. I value my job and we aren't all thieves.

The job can cause concern in people's relationships:
I'm afraid that my boyfriend will laugh at me or break up with me if I tell him I'm a housekeeper

The lack of high pay and result in less-than-ideal actions:
I'm a housekeeper.  I eat left overs that I find in the office I clean on mondays.. I hate being so broke...

People's jobs don't define their characters:
Just because I'm a maid doesn't mean you're any better than I am.  I hate that people look down on me for being a maid.  I'm a human too.
Being a housekeeper can make for some prime snooping opportunities:
I clean houses for a living and totally snoop through people's stuff when they leave.

For more housekeeping confessions, ​check out Whisper.

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