Watch what happens when you crack an egg into liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is one of the "coolest" things to experiment with and there are many videos of tests that show how a variety of materials react when they get in touch with it. The latest one comes from YouTube channel Carsandwater, which is known for a number of geeky experiments like placing a hot nickel ball on top of a Nokia phone or on a Jaw Breaker candy. The video they posted shows what happens when you dip eggs in liquid nitrogen, and how their content reacts when you crack one inside of the fluid.

In the first part of the video, three eggs are placed in a glass and submerged in liquid nitrogen. After a few seconds they become rock hard and they are crushed to show how they shatter under the pressure of a weight. In the second part, the person in the video cracks an egg open into the liquid and the content solidifies very quickly as you can see after it's taken out.

WATCH: See how a GoPro handles a torture test in liquid nitrogen

GoPro Camera Gets Torture Tested With Liquid Nitrogen at CES
GoPro Camera Gets Torture Tested With Liquid Nitrogen at CES

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