Watch this pizza deliverer break into tears when she gets the biggest tip of her life

Church Gives Pizza Driver $1000 Tip

According to the Columbus Dispatch, a Domino's pizza driver was rewarded with a huge tip of $1,000 she delivered at a gathering that took place at the Sycamore Creek Church. The cost of the pizza that Natasha delivered was just $5.99 and when Rev. Steve Markle asked her what the biggest tip she had ever received was, she said it was about $10. After he gave her $15, he added:

The pastor took the stack of bills that the congregation collected and handed them to Natasha, who gasped and broke into tears after receiving a $1,046 tip. This is definitely a massive tip, but watch this other delivery guy receiving twice as much:

Pizza Delivery Man Surprised With $2,000 Tip

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