These unusual tricks for heating pizza lunchables will make these easy meals even easier

'90s Kids Try Lunchables As Adults
'90s Kids Try Lunchables As Adults

Ah, lunchables! Who remembers those snack-sized lunches packed with just the right about of food for a quick meal? While they were certainly a '90s kid thing, there are children that still eat them to this day (and some adults, quite frankly). While it may seem like the popularity of them has significantly decreased over the years, the appeal has not.

Let's face it, they're the perfect size and pretty darn yummy. But our favorite lunchable? Well, the pizza one of course! A few pieces of flat pizza dough, a little cup of cheese, another cup of pepperoni and a packet of sauce. Yes, the good ol' days! There was once a time where no packed lunches quite beat a pizza lunchable.

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Assuming that if you have children currently, they probably absolutely adore these like you once did, we're here to help you prepare them like never before for your little ones. That's right, we've got 3 awesome tricks for heating up pizza lunchables that will make life EVEN EASIER.

1. The iron

  • Make a foil envelope around the dough topped with cheese and pepperoni

  • Press the iron on top of the foil until you reach the perfect melt

2. The blow dryer

  • Bring the dough up to temp by heating it alone with the dryer

  • When you notice cracks popping up on the surface, load the rest of the toppings

  • Continue blow-drying until fully melted

*hint: use the pepperonis as a weight to hold the cheese down in order to prevent the blow dryer air from pushing it off.

3. The heater

  • Place the crust on a piece of foil, then place on top of room heater until it begins to warm

  • Add toppings and let sit until properly melted

  • Allow for 15-minutes baking time and continue checking back

WALAH! You're kids are officially impressed and your lunch prep time was just significantly cut down. Go, you!

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