Kickstarter bans product that raised $4 million for not existing

Ready to Shave with Lasers?

The Skarp Laser Razor got major attention on Kickstarter right after the campaign launched and reached over $4 million in funding from more than 20,000 backers who were eager to use this gadget. The razor uses a laser to shave off the hair without irritating the skin and the video pitch got everyone very excited to throw away their old razors for this new technology.

Unfortunately for the potential users and the company behind the product, Kickstarted decided to ban the Skarp Razor because, according to an email sent to backers, it's "in violation with the rules requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards." The video the company used on Kickstarter featured a couple of very inefficient-looking prototypes that managed to cut only a few hairs during a 90-second shaving demo that you can watch here:

You probably won't be seeing this razor coming out of Kickstarter, but it is likely that Skarp or other companies will try to develop the technology further with alternative sources of funding.

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Kickstarter bans product that raised $4 million for not existing

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