Jimmy Fallon surprises Tennessee high school senior after #AndrewShadowJimmy goes viral


Remember back in high school when you shadow someone to get a feel for their career? Much of the time you followed a family member, or friend to work at a local business or a pharmacy. Tennessee high school senior Andrew Kochamba had someone entirely different in mind.

Kochamba, like most of America, is a big fan of Jimmy Fallon and "The Tonight Show," so he felt who better to shadow for Senior Shadow Day than Jimmy Fallon himself. Kochamba set his eyes on the prize and did what any millenial would do, send out a tweet.

Little did he know, the tweet soon became a viral sensation and many of his friends showed support for his venture to shadow Jimmy Fallon. Since his first tweet on October 6, Kochamba was flooded with tweets asking Fallon and "The Tonight Show" to help make his dream come true.

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Here are just some of the hilarious and amazing tweets.

After thousands of tweets were sent, Gavin Purcell, "Tonight Show" producer reached out to Kochamba asking to talk...which could only mean one thing right??

Kochamba's reaction was instantaneous, needless to say.

Make sure to tune in Wednesday night at 11:35 PM EST on NBC when Jimmy Fallon and Andrew Kochamba take the "Tonight Show" stage together.

Want more Jimmy Fallon fun? Check out the video below!

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