Bristol Palin is having a girl -- see her new baby bump pic!

Bristol Palin Reveals She's Having a Baby Girl

Bristol Palin's six-year-old son, Tripp Johnston, will soon have a little sister to pester.

Sarah Palin's 24-year-old daughter revealed via Instagram on Tuesday that she is having a baby girl.

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The mom-to-be also shared a new pic of her baby bump at seven and a half months. Bristol announced her second pregnancy in June, not long after canceling her wedding with Dakota Meyer.

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30 weeks with my baby girl 💕

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Bristol's pregnancy pic comes just a few days after a blog post, where she shared her views on birth control.

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"I'm not against birth control by ANY MEANS so do not twist my words," she wrote. "I am against the government going between a parent and a child at such a young age. THERE IS A BIG DAMN DIFFERENCE. Ten, 11, 12 year olds don't know what's best for them."

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Bristol Palin is having a girl -- see her new baby bump pic!
afternoon cuddles with my girl
30 weeks with my baby girl 💕
Stop growing my little chicken nugget 😩😖 only thing I need in life ❤️❤️ #threepostsoneday #askmehowmuchicare
Happy Mother's Day big mama!!!

Calling out her own situation, Bristol added, "I know I'm the last to talk about birth control. (Two baby daddies right? LOLZ!) But I am expecting a girl and do have a 14-year-old sister."

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