Watch Chris Pratt meet a bunch of people who don't know who he is

Chris Pratt Is Having an Excellent Year
Chris Pratt Is Having an Excellent Year

Well this is awkward!

Chris Pratt is having an incredible year with his record-breaking film "Jurassic Park" and his leading role in "Guardians of the Galaxy" -- not to mention he's been labeled as Hollywood's "the brightest leading man."

So you would think people on the streets of New York know who he is, right? According to the latest clip from comedian Billy Eicher's "Billy on the Street" the answer is no.

Eicher ran around Manhattan asking locals and tourists alike if they knew who Chris Pratt was. Most of the answers were a resounding "no." While some recognized him slightly -- one person even thought he was Chris Evans -- let this clip go to show that the actor may still have some ground to cover in terms of face recognition.

Finally after an excruciating few minutes of bad responses, a woman named Renee correctly identifies Pratt and is quick to say she "loves his wife." Trophy husband much?

To see more of Chris Pratt, scroll through the gallery below:

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