Marchesa Bridal Fall 2016 is the ultimate display of romance

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig's latest bridal collection for Marchesa might just be the most glamorous yet. Introducing "an allure of featherlight elements coming together to embody the collection's ethereal essence," it is a collection that's positively dreamy, and quintessentially Marchesa.

Marchesa Bridal Fall 2016
Marchesa Bridal Fall 2016

The gowns were presented in the late afternoon in New York City, with the setting sun making each embellished detail sparkle even more. Every piece -- from the jewelry to the shoes and of course, the gowns -- had that extra element that made them a perfect gown for the most important day in any woman's life.

"This season we explored a lot of slimmer silhouettes," Georgina said of Fall 2016, "and we're smoking them out with beading, the layering of tulle, a backless corset..."

"And removable peplums," Keren added, "then underneath a little sexy dress to dance the night away!" These kinds of details were what made this particular collection stand out for us. The dresses were equally elaborate as they were delicate, a feat that cannot be easy to achieve.

When asked what the biggest drivers behind a bridal collection are, Georgina said, "We do big mood boards and get into the mood of the season, but for us it's about the romance. Really this is the most important day, it's the most important dress she's going to wear, so it's a lot of responsibility."

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"It is a lot of responsibility," Keren agreed, "and we take it very seriously when we have brides come to us. They're entrusting us to make the dress for the most important day of their lives, so we get very excited."

Marchesa Bridal Fall 2016
Marchesa Bridal Fall 2016

"Bridal really embodies everything that we at Marchesa believe in," Georgina said, "It's romance, it's beauty, it's a woman being empowered and putting on a beautiful dress, so it's one of our favorite collections to do for sure."

Can't get enough Marchesa? Click through below to see their incredible Spring 2016 collection debuted during New York Fashion Week in September.

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